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Welcome to lims_voters, a place for LIMS moderators to post when voting is up at their community. The general idea is that you vote in other people's LIMS, and they'll vote in yours.


- before you can promote any of your LIMS votings, you have to apply for posting access
- once you have been granted posting access, you may post here whenever your LIMS community is in need of votes
- for everytime you ask for votes at this community though, you should take part in at least one voting at another community promoted here
- banners or any kinds of graphics are not allowed in the posts
- please do not post here only to promote sign-ups or ask for a co-mod - mod_lims is the place for that (however, you may mention such things when you ask for votes)

posting format.

Please use the following (or at least similar) format when you ask for votes:

direct link to the voting @ communityname
we have 7 entries, you need to vote 2 icons out and 1 favorite
thanks very much! :)

A direct link to the voting and the community name, as well as a short description, should always be included, so that we know what to expect when we click the link.

Also, when the voting at your community is over, it would be best if you edited your entry here in order to let us know, just so we don't waste our time voting somewhere where it's not needed anymore^^

participating communities.

abc_lims actorlims actresslims animelims aniston_lims anything_lims badwolf_lims balims beauty_lims beckinsale_lims billie_lims boykinglims bspears_lims bwlims dhlims digi_lims doctor_who_lims dom_lims emily_lims evangeline_lims garnerlims gerardlims hathaway_lims hhr_lims hilary_lims indie_lims jenn_lims jensenlims jobrolims jolie_lims katyperry_lims keiralims kirsten_lims kstewart_lims lims_hp lims_movie lims_on_mars lims_twilight loveme_lims mariskalims martha_lims mfox_lims mkalims mychem_lims my_lims nelly_lims piehole_lims plusone_lims portman_lims prisonbreaklims procter_lims psychlims radcliffe_lims sawyer_lims season_lims seedlims shia_lims show_lims shakira_lims teishoku_battle tennant_lims textcontest the_lbms torchwoodlims transformerlims travel_lims twilightlims uglybettylims videogame_lims viggo_rumble walsh_lims wenham_lims xf_lims youchooselims yourchoice_lims

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